Roel - Young Professional

I get my energy from supporting students and enable them to get the best out of themselves. I started as teacher, but quickly realised that I found it more interesting to work behind the scenes. Here, I can make full use of my analytical and problem-solving abilities and see more opportunities to keep developing myself, somethings that suits an inquisitive person like me better. Due to my various experiences abroad, I have a strong ability to adapt, have an open view of the world and a high degree of independence. I am interested in how education is given in different cultures and therefore have a good understanding of what characterises the Dutch educational culture: many educational levels and opportunities for advancement, an international character, little hierarchy and a problem-based learning model. I am proud of the quality of education in the Netherlands and would like to help protect the above values and make education even better.

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  • Degree/Non-Degree education
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