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Although we deploy our professionals to aid high schools, colleges, and universities to further improve their educational logistics and by extension improve the education being taught, Omix is also a vocational school to learn the skills of an educational logistics professional. Using a combination of theoretical and practical lessons, as well as experience on the job, we offer different courses to specialise in a certain niche department of educational logistics.

Through our training programs, we train our talents to become the future of educational logistics.

Vocational Training Information Management

Vocational training information management

Vocational training for timetabler

Omix’ apprenticeship to become what we call a ‘scheduler 2.0’ is a seven-week training given to alumni and professionals that are looking to switch careers. The core values of a good scheduler are a passion for the improvement of education, responsibility, and an analytic way of thinking. This dynamic function is one of the most important links in the chain of educational logistics.

Vocational trainers by Omix
Scheduler 2.0

The importance of information management in educational institutions has risen exponentially in the past few years. Especially with the rise of flexible curricula and scheduling. The “profession of the future” requires a certain skillset. During the vocational training for information management from our partner dé Vakopleiding Functioneel Beheer, you develop these necessary skills and qualities. It’s a practical course that immediately introduces you to topics and issues you would run into in the field. Our partner offers three separate courses that cover the essentials, tactical information management, and the Vocational Training for Information Management. The latter being the overarching course which grants the modern information manager with the tools necessary to be the best in the field.


If you are looking for a career switch and see yourself working towards better education for our next generation, please get in touch. We’d love to provide you with more information on any of our courses. And who knows, maybe you’re our next Omix’er.