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Access to successful information management

Information management: The “job of the future”. The importance of proper information management within organisations has increased drastically in the past few years. During the vocational training to become an information manager, you will develop the skills to become the vital link in the IT chain.

Better education through IT

Institutions that want to offer high quality education in the 21st century, need to be at the cutting edge of technology and information systems. Vorsen understands that changes in education are as inherent as the dedication of the people that work in the sector. They also understand that, typically, educational institutions are not software specialists. That’s where they would love to help.

Makes quality education accessible

Tribal’s mission statement is clear and direct: “Everyone should have access to a great quality education, and that goes beyond teaching alone.” Tribal provides expertise, services, and systems to facilitate quality education.

The correct schedules for everyone

Semestry provides planning and scheduling software to schools and institutions. The software runs on the Tribal Group platform, adding Scheduling and Timetabling capabilities to the cutting-edge ecosystem of technology.

The #1 planning and scheduling management tool

Planning and scheduling made easy and intuitive. TimeEdit offers the possibility to access schedules in the Cloud to facilitate dynamic education and to edit curricula at the drop of a hat.