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In the world of educational logistics, it is important to understand the inner workings of the institutions that require services. There is a significant difference between the services necessary for high schools as opposed to universities. Moreover, there is a significant difference in workplace culture and communication between departments. Omix offers educational logistics professionals to educational institutions that have been trained to adapt to workplace environments.

High school

At Omix, we are experienced in aiding high schools with the improvement of their educational logistics. Typically, the issues that arise in high schools are planning and scheduling complications. Due to the rising number of pupils that are taught classes at different levels whilst simultaneously allowing for flexible education, it may become challenging to create a timetable that suits all pupils and staff.

The vocational training our schedulers receive, has elements geared specifically towards high schools and the timetable challenges they face. Naturally, heavy emphasis is put on creating a balanced annual timetable, or primary timetable. This timetable is based on proper deployment planning and the availability schedule for the staff. The primary timetable serves as a fundamental instrument which allows our professionals to create specialist timetables accordingly, if need be. Examples of such specialist timetables are deviating one-day timetables due to illness, exam timetables, or invigilator timetables, among others.


Both figurative and literal sense, college is a step up from high school. Making the switch from local to regional levels of education, the necessity for proper alignment of the educational support. This is especially true for colleges. Typically, colleges are geared towards a practical way of learning. As a result, there are rooms and labs designed specifically for certain courses. Examples are courses for chefs and servers requiring kitchens and barbers and hairdressers needing specialist equipment. Oftentimes, it is difficult to divide the availability of these scarce supplies and facilities. Moreover, (community) colleges provide education to students with limited access to the labour market. These students require special attention to ensure they get the most out of their education.

University of applied sciences

Universities of applied sciences are the perfect mix between college and university. A place where education is taught both practically and theoretically. Applying theories and information to practical projects, universities of applied sciences run into similar issues surrounding scarcity of special facilities and supplies as colleges. However, additional bottlenecks could arise from degree evaluation when it comes to the international nature of such educational institutions. Moreover, with the shift towards education from home, online proctoring has become a hot topic among universities and universities of applied sciences.


Required to teach the highest level of education, universities are typically under immense scrutiny to ensure the quality of their education. In order to teach at the highest level, it is imperative their educational logistics are second to none. Attracting students across the country as well as internationally, in a number of different disciplines, requiring professors at the top of their field. Flexible timetables, balanced efforts from professors, and allotting time to study. Proper educational logistics is imperative for every internationally acclaimed university.

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