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We are Omix

Educational logistics. Although it’s an all-encompassing term to describe what we do, for some it encompasses a lot more than they may have initially thought. For the past 20 years, we’ve exerted ourselves in the name of ‘improved education’. Based on our expertise, we translate education to educational logistics and vice versa. Education and educational logistics are two separate disciplines that are complementary to each other. Bearing the final user (i.e., teachers, students, and additional faculty members) in mind, Omix’ educational logistics services ensure understanding, balance, and a connection between education and educational logistics.

We do this by supplying high schools, colleges and universities (of applied sciences) with educational logistical knowledge and capacity. Our professionals collaborate with institutions in a bid to improve education, using their different expertise and backgrounds. The timetable is the most tangible product from the educational logistics chain. However, it is but the tip of the iceberg. Other important processes within the chain we concern ourselves with, are R&E (registration and enrolment), student tracking, information management, testing and examinations. Aside from aiding institutions in tackling knowledge and capacity issues, we also use our network to share experiences and information to improve education both nationally as internationally.

Omix logo

Founding Omix – 2002

Omix was founded in 2002 by Rudi ter Riet. In this year we became part of a very important project, as a partner in the creation and development of Studielink. Since then, we have become the largest provider of educational logistics experts in the Netherlands.

Omix relocates – 2008

In 2008, Omix moved their office to the Brinkpoortstraat 24 in Deventer.

The Roostervakschool – 2012

In an innovative move, Omix started training professionals to become the next generation schedulers by founding the Roostervakschool, which translates to the ‘Scheduling Vocational School’. Since its inception, Omix has trained over 500 people. Of these 500 people, 75% immediately took a position in educational logistics.

Omix Young Professionals – 2013

A year after the success of the Scheduling Vocational School, we started training university graduates to become professionals within specialised fields of educational logistics.

Vocational colleges become part our sectors – 2014

An increasing number of requests coming from vocational colleges prompted us to develop our logistics geared towards vocational training. We’ve been providing these solutions since 2014. Incidentally, 2014 is also the year we first published the Link. Our magazine about educational logistics.

Emma Helpt – 2017

In 2017, we started providing scheduling professionals to high schools under the label ‘Emma Helpt’, which translates to ‘Emma Helps’.

Omix Scheduling Vocational School rebrand – 2018

Omix is more than a vocational school. Rebranding from Scheduling Vocational School to Omix Education planners we communicate that we also have a group of trained professionals at our disposal to find solutions to complex queries surrounding planning and scheduling.

Anna Ontzorgt – 2018

Anna Ontzorgt, translated to ‘Anna Unburdens’, gives educational institutions the option to outsource their educational logistics, rather than employing temporary in-house professionals.

De Beter Onderwijs Show – 2018

The Better Education Show is an entire day dedicated to sharing inspiration, motivation, and sharing stories of dedication between colleagues. Unfortunately, during the pandemic these networking programmes could not take place, so we introduced Omix Webtalks.

Omix Kompas – 2019

Omix Kompas is a big data analysis tool which provides transparent, current, and clear management information in areas such as classroom occupancy as well as the degree of teaching and studying necessary to get the most out of the current curriculum.

Expanding expertise – 2020

Since our inception, Omix’ core business has always been organising education, especially regarding planning, scheduling, and student information systems. In 2020, we expanded our expertise to also incorporate areas such as examination, testing, and curriculum management.

Omix Webtalks – 2020

As previously mentioned, with the pandemic we could not host the Beter Onderwijs Show in 2020 and 2021. To replace the show, we hosted twelve ‘Omix Webtalks’. Using our online platform, we could continue inspiring and challenging our colleagues to think about different themes in education, such as leadership, innovation, expertise, and the future of education and educational logistics.

Omix VO Professionals – 2021

In 2021, ‘Emma Helpt’, similarly to the Vocational Scheduling School, underwent rebranding. Under the label Omix VO Professionals we continued specialising in aiding high schools. Currently we have 100 members of staff that guide high schools through complex matters and queries.

Omix: reformatted – 2022

In early 2022, Omix moved from their base on Brinkpoortstraat to Stromarkt 8 in Deventer. Paired with their new surroundings, a new digital environment was in order as well. Moreover an entire restructuring of our services has taken place. We unified our different labels such as Young Professionals and VO Professionals. Moving forward we offer the services of our professionals depending on the department of educational logistics they will aid.

Our employees are our pride

Omix’ mission statement

Omix’ core mission has been hiding in plain sight! It’s all in our name. Omix stands for the Mix of Organising the cooperation of Man and Information systems. Education is changing. Nowadays, education is flexible. The best comparison is that education is a conveyor belt: you start at the beginning of your course, and you know it’s set from day one till the day you graduate. You know exactly what is expected of you and what work you need to deliver in order to progress through the years. However, this way of working does not suit everyone. Some pupils may want to enrol into an accelerated course or have the necessity to follow certain subjects at a lower level to comprehend the theory better. Although this flexibility is pivotal for better education, it makes administration, scheduling, and examinations more of a challenge behind the scenes. A lot of facets need to be organised and work together. Flexible education equates to acceleration, deceleration, deep dives into subjects of interest while sustainably offering a wide variety, all while being able to choose and adhere to a personal development plan.

We also connect professionals from a wide variety of disciplines and educational institutions to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experiences. This pairing happens both internally, externally as well as nationally and internationally.

Omix’ vision

Better education, that is something Omix has been at the forefront of for the past 20 years. Education is never done or completed and asks for the continuous commitment and dedication of teachers, pupils, and professionals that play a supportive role in education. It’s our conviction that great education can only be realised with great organisation. That’s why we strive to keep improving education logistics; all the processes and systems that support education, from the moment the curriculum is established to student’s enrolment till the exams.