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Registration and enrolment

Every year, the requirements for R&E (Registration and Enrolment) become stricter. Examples of this are schools having to compare pre-education and previously completed curricula to see if these match the terms of admission, having interviews with staff members, and completing tests of which the results indicate a student’s aptness for the coursework. These stricter terms, paired with the increasing need for flexibility in the curriculum, mean that a plethora of professionals are necessary behind the scenes to ensure all facets of R&E are run properly. To this end Omix provides experts on a temporary basis to educational institutions.

Coordinator for the office of Education

Tasked primarily with ensuring the quality of the services in an institution. The office of Education adds value to the chain of educational logistics by supporting the organization of other educational logistical facets such as registration and enrolment, and planning and scheduling. These professionals also see to the correct use of the policies created by management. Moreover, these professionals advise the team in creating such policies. They aid by supplying with useful information, safeguarding the execution of the procedures and processes and cooperating with projects.

Coordinator For The Organization Of Education

Admissions officer

Admissions officers are the executive authority when it comes to the admission of new students to a course. In extension of this they provide all admitted students with information regarding administrative formalities surrounding official enrolment and payment. Omix offers experienced admissions officers to schools on a temporary basis to aid in the enrolment process of new students and, after admission, provide the candidates with the necessary information and advice surrounding enrolment.

Admissions Professional On Secondment

Central Student Administration employee

Primarily the CSA is the facet within educational institutions that handles the registration and deregistration for all the students. Secondary tasks are arranging peripheral matters for students such as student loan management and residency permits. Omix supplies schools with employees on temporary basis to work for an institution’s Central Student Administration department. Our employees have experience and expertise working with different authorities regarding student affairs such as IND (for residency permits), Studielink, DUO and collection agencies. Moreover, they also aid students in day-to-day topics.

Central Student Administration Employees

Team supervisor R&E

Omix has many different professionals with expertise within the field of Registration and Enrolment. An interim team leader views the Registration and Enrolment process taking the entire spectrum of educational logistics into account. Depending on what’s necessary, they will look into specific components of the registration and enrolment process. The requirements for each course are safeguarded and with that, so is the compatibility of new students. Taking charge of a team that deals with personal data and complex administration requires knowledge, integrity and nuance.

Team Supervisors R&e

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