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What is curriculum management?

The aim of curriculum management is the optimisation of education by carrying out a structured series of tasks to judge the current state of the curriculum and to make amends where necessary. This is vital to ensure that every student gets the most out of their course. Teaching students the knowledge and skills to add value to society is one of the core duties of every educational institution. To guarantee this a proper curriculum is essential. A curriculum is the basis of an entire learning path. In yesteryears, curricula where established and fixed for a certain number of years. However, nowadays education needs more flexibility. Flexibility to ensure that every student reaches and exceeds their potential. To this end, curricula need to pass reviews consistently throughout each year. During these reviews edits might be necessary, which may greatly impact certification, examination, guidance, and course progression. To prevent these changes forming an issue, Omix offers a variety of curriculum management professional to handle and solve issues arising as a result of changes to curricula.

Implementation consultant

Our implementation consultants oversee the complete implementation of the curriculum and any amendments necessary. From concept to implementation, our consultants can advise and give direction to the team. Moreover, our consultants provide aftercare to ensure all amendments are implemented correctly and do not have any ill effects. Using their affinity and experience with business management and their intricate knowledge of the Student Information Systems, they can provide optimal change management.

Implementation Consultant Pitching Ideas

Process coordinator

Within the field of curriculum management, process coordinators have many responsibilities. Among these they are responsible for managing the paradigm shift, carry out amendments, and predicting the repercussions of these amendments. They are the administrative, human link in the chain between systems, administration and processes. Our process coordinators employ their analytic ability to predict any consequences stemming from editing the curriculum. On top of this, they are also temporarily contractable to improve workflow by correcting reoccurring issues stemming from curricula amendments.

Proces Coordinator Jorn

Curriculum student affairs employee

Our professionals can assist your institution as curriculum student affairs employee in the field of curriculum management. Employees of student affairs carry out tasks in order to develop educational material and advise them on student affairs, such as the student life cycle. They are the link in the chain between organisation and the student. Moreover, they assist in updating the student, education and examination administration.

Curriculum Student Affairs Employee

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