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The importance of functional management within educational institutions has increased dramatically in recent years. Especially with the rise of flexible curricula and scheduling. The “profession of the future” requires certain qualities and skills. During the Functional Management® professional training of the VFB® Academy you will develop the necessary qualities and train your skills. It is a practical training which gives you direct guidance for the problems you encounter in practice.

There are various training courses within the VFB® Academy, one of which is the Functional Management® professional training course. This course is particularly important for the modern functional manager.

The professional training Functional Management® is a logical sequel to the successful Handbook for the Functional Administrator by Daniël E. Brouwer. This training is just as practical as the handbook and provides the modern functional manager with exactly those handles, tools and skills to make more impact in daily practice. The course is taught by trainers from the field and is characterized as interactive and hands-on. The Professional Functional Management Training® is a 5-day course that is offered in-company. As a partner of the VFB® Academy, Omix has trained trainers in the field of Functional Management focused on educational logistics.

VFB® Academy

Core user training

Based on the Functional Administrator's Handbook by Daniël E. Brouwer and Martijn Buurman with purely the most important material for the modern functional administrator.

Tactical Information Management

An important course for functional managers seeking broadening within information management.

Thé Professional Functional Management Training ®

The complete learning path for the progressive functional administrator. Engaging material for novice and experienced functional administrators.

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