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The most eye-catching end product of educational logistics is the timetable. The preceding planning and the resulting timetable are fundamental for students and teachers, which enables the successful organisation of any great institution or enterprise. Educational institutions in particular need to constantly juggle various daily matters. How do we divide 25,000 pupils among 2,500 teachers into 1,000 teaching environments (classrooms, practical rooms, laboratories)? To solve this puzzle, Omix provides schools with planners and schedulers.

Before a timetable can be assembled, thorough planning is required. Planning that covers multiple years, a so-called strategic plan. In this strategic plan certain topics are discussed and answered, such as:

  • Are the curricula fundamentally sound?
  • How many pupils are we expecting in the following years?
  • What is the teacher occupancy rate?
  • How do we weigh up maximum capacity to maximum effectivity?

Based on this planning, supply and demand can be drawn up and pros and cons can be weighed against each other. The multi-annual plans are typically drawn up, using the deployment schedule for teachers as an important guideline. Once this plan is drawn up and clear, timetables can be assembled for classes, exams, and consultations for pupils.

The Omix planners’ team consists of various, experienced, fulltime professionals with specific knowledge in the chain of planning and scheduling. They possess the knowledge and experience to jump into a supporting or advising role at a moment’s notice.

Aside from this, Omix trains professionals in the art of planning and scheduling. Through hands-on teaching, they are quickly brought up to speed with the correct knowledge and experiences regarding educational logistical topics, processes, and programs. Omix professionals can be deployed in all levels of education from high school till university. These planners and schedulers can be approached for a fulltime position at the institution after their previously decided secondment contract is up.


Through our extensive experience with planning and drawing up timetables, our employees can put your vision of the perfect education on paper in a balanced and healthy timetable. A good timetable should be organisable, affordable, allow for proper dosage of information, and allow for time to study. Our team consists of passionate professionals that work in the chain of planning and scheduling for schools. The final product of this chain of processes is the timetable, which can impact pupils and staff heavily both positively and negatively. The experience in this field and the large network of Omix schedulers has, results in quick communication between peers. We train our schedulers to be able to work independently as well as in a team setting in order to fit the culture at the institution the best possible way.

Scheduler At Work

Main timetable scheduler

Scheduling education at high schools is different to creating timetables for colleges and higher education. High schools require specific timetables, for which we provide professionals that have the required problem-solving skills. One of the most important professionals is the main timetable scheduler. These professionals prepare an annual planning of the education and advise the school’s management on the matter. Moreover, these professionals create many different ‘special’ timetables. These professionals also manage the schools timetable program and can use this to suggest improvements or other proposals. Once the year concludes, they are responsible for a thorough evaluation of the process to further inform the school’s management.

Main Timetable Schedulers

Daily timetable scheduler

Due to illness or other reasons for absence, it may be necessary for the daily timetable scheduler to edit the timetable at a moment’s notice. This way these classes are taken over by other teachers or moved to an earlier or later timeslot in the day. Moreover, due to the increasingly individualistic nature of education, pupils have wildly different curricula. This is further exacerbated by the increasing flexibility for academic acceleration, deceleration and the possibility to follow subjects at a higher level. These different curricula and routes must be integrated into the timetable. Our daily timetable schedulers ensure they understand the school’s vision and culture so that the schedule connects with the wishes and demands of the school. Omix schedulers are trained to use a plethora of scheduling programmes in order to ease the transition into the schools planning and scheduling team.

Daily Timetable Schedulers

Education planner

Facilitating employees in the process of creating a timetable from scratch, looking at the process from concept to realization with a birds-eye view are our education planners. They take into account the demand for the implementation of individualistic learning routes. They do this whilst also allowing room for any developments and trends in terms of educational improvements which may greatly benefit your institution.

Education Planners

Formation planner

Formation planners are an essential cog in the planning and scheduling team to ensure that all parties receive equal representation. Formation planners look after the best interests of the staff. What are the limitations and what are the possibilities? Are there specific days teachers would prefer to take days off, then the formation planner processes these days into the planning so that the schedulers can take this into account when creating timetables.

Formation Planners At Work

Project advisor for deployment planning

Our project advisors are temporary hires that can advise management and full-time schedulers in creating the best possible planning. They are there to share their experience and expertise in all phases of the process and to bounce ideas and strategies off. From development to implementation, our professionals are there to eliminate pivotal bottlenecks and to create a healthy timetable for both students, and teachers, and faculty members.

Project Advisors For Deployment Planning

Implementation officer

Omix has several specialised implementation officers as part of the team. They support the schedulers by bringing the schedules into practice. In the final stage, the timetable is to be generated, tested and, after approval, implemented. Our implementation officers are experienced in guiding the final phase. This way, even during the transition to new software, the schedule is safeguarded.

Implementation Officer Iris

Planning and scheduling supervisor

Responsible for overseeing all planning and scheduling operations. The planning and scheduling supervisor is responsible for safeguarding the entire process from concept to realisation. They oversee the process with the support and consistent feedback from implementation officers, project advisors, and various other planning professionals. Colleges and universities (of applied sciences) typically have large planning and scheduling teams. By adhering to the institutions vision, the supervisor ensures the entire team has their ducks in a row to create a healthy timetable.

Planning And Scheduling Supervisor

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