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Broader educational logistics

Several roles can be identified within the field of educational logistics, each with its own specific areas of expertise. For example, the role of scheduler is closely related to planning and organizing class schedules. However, in addition to these specific functions, there are also roles that have a more overarching nature and relate to all aspects of educational logistics. These broader roles are crucial for coordinating and streamlining all logistics processes within education.

Below is an overview of overarching roles that we at Omix offer.

Educational logistics expert

These experts bring critical, objective view on the current state of educational logistics. Omix professionals supply schools, colleges and universities of applied sciences with practical, directly applicable advice with the added offer of aiding in the implementation of such advices. Our professionals advise based on knowledge and experience accumulated during previous assignments in the field. In collaboration with your own professionals, these experienced professionals can ensure the quality of the educational logistics in educational organisations.

Educational Logistics Expert

Information manager

Information managers translate the wishes and desires from the management team and faculty members to functional requirements and changes to the systems and processes to improve educational logistics. These professionals are responsible for managing and improving all systems, software, and applications that the institution uses. Information managers are there to analyse the data and translate it into bite-size conclusions for the parties concerned within the faculty. Omix’ information managers are Exin certified with specialisations in Osiris, TermTime, TimeEdit, Xedule, and Remindo.

Information Managers

Implementation consultant

Nowadays, education relies heavily on systems, apps and other software to support all the different departments within educational logistics. There are systems for creating and viewing timetables, tracking grades and student progression. A broad, in-depth knowledge of the processes and systems is necessary to ensure a smooth integration. Omix deploys such professionals on a secondment contract who can support the integration of a new system from different angles.

Implementation Consultants

Education coordinators

Education coordinators make up a vital link in the chain. They develop and validate educational systems and facilities to achieve objectives. The key is filtering the essential pieces of information out of large, varying streams of information and passing the pivotal information on to concerned parties.

Education Coordinators


Key users make the difference in the educational chain of logistics by taking on a broad task package. Key users ensure the most optimised set-up for planning, testing and student tracking systems. Aside from this, key users analyse and make an inventory of the wishes and requirements of the organisation and the users.

The primary tasks of key users are the creation and optimal UX set-up for systems such as Osiris, Xedule and AnsDelft. The key-users in turn inform the users about the systems. Moreover, key users can also be involved in solving complex issues and calamities.

Trainer Of Staff

Omix is more than an employment agency deploying educational logistics professionals on a secondment contract. At Omix we also train individuals to professional standards within the different fields of expertise in education. As a school of sorts ourselves, we understand how important it is to ensure the proper organisation of the material being taught. Educational logistical experts play a vital role in this. They take note of the logistical bottlenecks that affect the teacher and/or student, from their specialist standpoint. Education is constantly changing and developing and as a part of that the necessity for new knowhow rises among the current employees.

Staff Trainer Ria

Team leader

Experienced team leaders with an eye for the vision and culture of the educational institution can internalise a lot of information, filter out the essentials. They bring balance to the team and facilitate direct communication. In the event of long-term absence of a team leader due to illness, or in the event of a job opening for temporary projects, an interim team leader is a great soluiton. Our professionals with their experience leading departments will quickly and smoothly fill in these positions. Due to their experience, they understand how to handle the complexity of educational logistics as well as the systems and the importance of taking on the institutions culture.

Team Leader Elsemiek

Interim manager

Professionals with a specialisation in project leadership have experience in educational logistics and coordinating the proper execution of a project. These projects are often focused on a niche, specific topic within the chain of logistics. However, the project leader takes the impact the changes have on the broader educational logistics spectrum into account, rather than just the effects within the niche. Edits and bottlenecks are identified and solved before and during implementation.

Interim Manager Koen

Omix helps schools fill temporary management positions. These positions open up due to special projects regarding professionalisation or implementation. Other reasons could include contract terminations, long-term illness, or maternity leave. With the proper briefing, Omix can provide educational institutions with suitable interim managers that seamlessly fill the gap left by the previous manager.

Educational Logistics Professionals By Omix

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