Betina - Consultant

I currently work as a well-organised and committed timetabler in secondary- and higher education. A while ago, I noticed that working in hospitality and retail did not give me the job satisfaction I was looking for. I realised that I wanted to commit myself to a socially relevant cause. The organisational aspect of education attracts me as there are opportunities to work towards a better future for the next generation. From the various jobs I take many positive experiences and competences with me, such as working under (time) pressure, communication skills and maintaining oversight. Furthermore, during my study at the university I was able to develop analytical skills and learned to work independently. The combination of practical experience and theoretical thinking gives me a good basis in educational logistics. I am able to understand processes but am also well able to empathise with the experience of teachers and students.

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  • Applications and permissions
  • Planning and Timetable


  • Degree/Non-Degree education
  • Further education
  • University

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